Friday, 9 October 2009

Christine and Stephen's wedding

We're off to Knaresborough, North Yorkshire today for the wedding of our wonderful friend Christine to Stephen tomorrow. The Bean is a Bridesmaid (one of 3), Andy is preaching at the wedding service and I am praying grace before the meal - so lots of involvement which is a great privilege.

Christine is one of our 'joint' friends - we all met at the same time when I moved to Scarborough in 2000 and Andy returned to the church and our history from then on has been shared. So it has been a journey over the last few years of keeping our special friendship going whilst firstly living in the same house, then 4 doors apart and then being much further apart in terms of miles when we moved to Newcastle and Christine moved to Wakefield. Christine has been a faithful intercessor in our lives - standing with us when our house flooded and when a baby seemed an impossibility. She is a friend who always enables us to think better of ourselves and makes us think about what God would want us to do. She also has an unhealthy obsession with Michael Ball and F1 racing, but we'lll forgive her that!

Now she has met Stephen who is from Northern Ireland and so has moved over there to beautiful Carrickfergus and tomorrow they will become Mr and Mrs Cahoon!

We are so excited - it's a wedding we have waited a long time for and no doubt a wedding that will hold a lot of special memories. We'll blog about it next week with pictures too, but please pray for Christine and Stephen now as they make final preparations for their marriage.

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