Monday, 12 October 2009

the wedding of the year!

My wonderful friend Christine got married on Saturday - we've waited a long time for this wonderful day and it was well worth it!
What a wonderful weekend - and what a tiring one too!
Our journey up to Knaresborough on Friday was pretty uneventful with a sleeping Bean and me and Andy enjoying some toons on the Iphone...! We arrived at Christine's parents house in time for a cuppa before the rehearsel - which went well and made me start blubbing already!
After the rehearsel was over, M was presented with a beautiful Swarovski (sp?) crystal necklace in the shape of a star which she was very pleased with!

Our room at the Chevin Hotel which was the reception venue was excellent - spacious, cosy and well stocked with the usual toiletries and refreshments! We had a delicious meal in the hotel lounge bar, who provided a children's menu too and then opted for an early night with the big day ahead!

An early breakfast was followed by me going to have my hair done - and I had struggled to find anywhere nearby that had time for an 'up do' on a Saturday morning. So I was planning to just have it straightened and then fiddle about with the front so it was out of the way in a delicate style! However, when my hairdresser looked at my hair she said she easily had time for a pleat since my hair was 'so thick and luscious'! So I came out much happier with my finished 'do' than I would have been had I done it myself!

A quick whizz back to the hotel, via a florist to get the baby's breath wired up and the charity shop to buy the black handbag I'd forgotten and I was all set for the final preening!! I also had to buy the 'finest' cookies required for Andy's sermon visual aid!
I got dressed in pretty record time - in and out, make up done and child in tow in 35 minutes...considering how much 'pull it in' underwear I was wearing, that was impressive!
The wedding was wonderful - the service was so simple and yet so unique to Christine and Stephen. Matilda behaved brilliantly, walking down the aisle nice and slowly and dancing at the front during the first hymn.
They had great hymn choices - Be Thou My Vision, Lord for the Years and In Christ Alone. Christine looked beautiful.Her dress was so simple and yet it suited her shape and made her look just wonderful. My friend Christine is not a dress person usually so it was especially special to see her looking so - well - girly!
We enjoyed great conversation with friends we hadn't seen for a while, revelled in the spectacular autumn scenery at the Chevin with the trees turning lovely shades of red and gold. The canapes which came round were scrummy and we got to coo over some babies who weren't ours - cos our little baby had been whisked off my her grandparents so we could party the night away!
And that we did!!

Great food, lovely wine, funny company (long story!!) and a bunch of short, sweet and funny speeches.
The disco was proper old school - I haven't been to a disco for a while where I have had to request 'Reach for the Stars' by Steps!! It was a great mix of Motown classics and 70's disco with some other gems like Dolly Parton's 9-5 mixed in. I enjoyed myself immensely, with my pretty permanent dance partner Emilia (the middle sized bridesmaid!) at my side a lot of the time.
Andy put the world to rights over some beer with our friend Ben and then joined me for the bacon sandwiches!

After the 'get away', we retired to our suite, tired and happy and full - and enjoyed a fun day in York on Sunday, reminiscing over our dating days and feeling a bit flat but happy to have some chill out time together.
After meeting up with Andy's parents in Northallerton, having a meal and packing the Bean back into our car, we headed off on the drive home. It felt like a long journey, but the journey's home always are aren't they??
Today we've enjoyed looking over our photos and everyone else's that have appeared on Facebook and are all feeling pretty tired. But it was a fantastic weekend of wonderful memories which we hope and pray will continue to bless Christine and Stephen in their new life as Mr and Mrs Cahoon!

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