Tuesday, 12 January 2010

eye eye!

The Bean went for her latest appointment at the Eye Specialist (opthalmist) at St Peter's hospital today.
She had a patch put on her right eye in late November in a bid to get this eye to rest and hopefully start working again. As she has both a lazy eye and a squint, they were working on 'shocking' the eye first but it didn't do much in those first 2 weeks.
In mid December the decided to move the patch onto her good eye, leaving her seeing with only the 'bad' eye. It was obvious at that appointment that she could barely see anything from her right eye - although she was making a good guess at the pictures she knew were being held in front of her - "Is it an elephant?" she suggested for the giraffe picture!

The good news is that her 'bad' eye, her right eye has improved in terms of it's vision from pretty much zero on 15th December to being at '5' on a scale of 1-10! Amazing!
It was a pretty scary few days when they first moved the patch onto her good eye to make the bad eye work harder - she was fumbling for door handles or completely missing them and couldn't do anything that involved too much close detail. It also made her much more tired and grumpy, which is never fun with a 3 year old anyway! We wondered whether she would ever be able to see properly or indeed whether this method of strengthening the eye would be successful.
But we're delighted at such improvement and are continuing to pray that not only will the progress continue, but that next time she will hit 8 or 9 on that elusive scale!

Pray with us!

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