Thursday, 29 April 2010

calm chaos

Today has been a day when despite nothing really working out as I thought it would, there has been an air of peace and loveliness all around...can't explain it.

I was working this morning and spent some time with a lovely youthworker that I 'support' in a way which I get more out of than I am sure she does! After a bit of sorting in the office, I went to get M from nursery. 
We took ages to leave, she was faffing in the car and chatting and wanting to show me her empty lunchbox to prove she had eaten all her lunch as she had promised she would.
We wandered, dawdled and pottered round the supermarket - I only needed flour and in the wine aisle, as I was perusing the reduced rose - M decided she wanted a drink...a pink one, like I had just put in the trolley....hmmph.

Tantrum slightly averted (or delayed) we headed home. I had a cuppa, M had a chill on the sofa with a bit of CBeebies and gave me a running commentary of Justin on 'Something Special' and his makaton signs up Snowdon (in any other context, that sentence would be ridiculous!)

And in a bizarre hour, around 4pm, M went to sleep, I received 7 phone calls, managed to pay off my credit card online in the meantime.Also dusted and tidied the clutter downstairs (onto the stairs, where it now remains..!) and set about doing some baking and prepping dinner...and I blogged too on . Strictly speaking, none of that should have been possible - I didn't have enough hands, minutes or brain cells to have got all that to happen so conveniently. But it did.

And I feel quite content and calm...a very nice feeling!

Time for a cuppa, a chocolate cup cake and the Election Debate...

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