Sunday, 9 May 2010

thanks for the love

We've been really bowled over by the love and support our recent post on our miscarriage has generated. Thanks to everyone who read a rather huge post through to the end and who also commented, either on the blog, via Facebook or on email or text. It felt like a huge thing to have written the account, and to have done that quite early in the journey too. But it has been a blessing to many, it seems, and has certainly blessed us in the telling and making sense of what we've been through.

A few people have asked - 'How are you?' - and really meant thought it would be fair to give you an update! We're good, all things considered. Being back in routine after the Easter break has helped and there are lots of new things in the pipeline and plans made to ensure that this year doesn't feel so empty. For example, I have moved my office out of the house and into a local church extension building which is brilliant for both work and family life.
I'm also taking a trip out to Knoxville in September, around the time the twins would have likely arrived, to see our friends Emily and Jack. I'm very excited about seeing them and having some time out to travel on my own again - and best of all, it was all free with our AirMiles courtesy of Tesco!
Many things have changed in the last few months - and will never be the same again. Other things have been mostly unaffected by our miscarriage, particularly Andy's progress towards selection for ordination. The calling remains, regardless of the tragedy we have been through and in some ways Andy is more reflective and concious of his weakness and need for God within all this than he was before. Andy preached at All Saints this morning, in a robe too, and is now scheduled to see someone who heads up Vocations for the Deanery which is the next stage in the process, so that's exciting.
I celebrated my 32nd birthday on Thursday by voting in the General Election and having a lovely meal out with Andy. And this weekend I have begun work on a secret project for some special people involving large amounts of photographs and creativity...I'll say no more!

Apart from that, life continues as normal - work, family, church, food and friends, all in good amounts and with a good dash of thankfulness and gratefulness, if that's a word?
I'll finish by sharing some recent pics...Thanks for stopping by!

Great Notley Family Day Out

Birthday Tea for my sister's 30th - before my hair cut!

                                            Bank Holiday weekend with my parents in Surrey

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