Wednesday, 5 May 2010


So, tomorrow is the General Election in the UK - and I'm having dilemmas about which way my vote is going to go...

This article, which Andy told me about this evening, sums up a lot of what I feel and fear about the outcome of the election tomorrow. 
Gary Younge is spot on in much of what he writes...and this is a great quote:
"Voting is always a balance between the moral and the strategic. What do I want, what can I get and what do I feel comfortable endorsing to get it. In the past the strategic case was weak, because there was no chance of the Tories winning and the moral case was weaker, given Labour's record. That's not true this time.
Indeed the only thing that is really holding my interest at this stage: the one thing that would really make my Friday morning would be to see Cameron crushed and Osborne despondent. To see them miss this own goal and descend into bitter recrimination. To think that however bad things have become, they haven't got so bad that we would make that mistake again. This may be the worst reason for voting. But right now, after watching them all in the debates, it also feels like the only reason in much of the country (apart from where there are good Labour and Liberal MPs)."
Ultimately, I'm a socialist, I father ingrained in me the importance and power of the unions to allow the people and the industries a voice. I'm interested in politics, yes because of what I need and believe I'm entitled to, but also because it allows others to have a voice and a chance in life which others would deny them. I'm more comfortable with the current pattern of the Labour government's decisions about the economy and with the policies they have adopted and implemented to make parenting more supported and healthcare more accessible. 
But I'm unhappy with the system of voting currently at play in this country and am impressed by the Liberals policy on proportional representation and their suggested one off amnesty for illegal immigrants to get them out of the hands of illegal criminal gangs.
Hmmmm....what to do...I won't be voting Tory but other than that, I'm still making my mind up!

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  1. Yeah, I'd pretty much go with the same analysis and sentiments, Alice.

    As it goes, I am still wavering between high regard for the local LibDem PPC and voting Labour, which is the sensible 'not-Tory' vote in this constituency.

    Ah, if only there was a proper socialist to vote for!.....