Friday, 11 June 2010

Pilgrimage - Sheffield 7-10 June 2010

I've been away this week, at the Pilgrimage event in Sheffield. It's been all about applying and developing my learning and understanding of LifeShapes as our rule of life through The Order of Mission and as I use it in youth ministry across the Diocese.
It's been a challenging, inspiring, heartening and frustrating week - all of these things at different times and in different ways.
As at the end of last years' event - I've come away knowing my life won't be the same again and aware that I have met with God in a fresh place and new way.
I've been posting daily notes and reflections over on my more 'work' blog so if you'd like to see how each day panned out - take a hop over to funkydoo.

Each individual post is here:
Day One Monday
Day Two Tuesday
Day Three Wednesday

I'm still working on Thursday's summary and will also expand a bit further on some of the Kingdom and Covenant teaching from Mike Breen which deserves it's own post. But now I need to be with my daughter and try and do some catch up work too!

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