Sunday, 18 July 2010

scrapbooking fix...

In the midst of a very busy July, we had carved out this weekend for some much needed family and chill out time. We spent yesterday at Barleylands (where we have an annual pass) with our wonderful friends the Baguettes. The children (7 and 4) and M love each other very much and had a whale of a time!

Last night, Andy was Street Pastoring and this morning had to be up at church for 8.30am for our Family Service with special Junior Church presentation - I was also doing a drama. By the time we got home this afternoon, we were knackered.
So M and Andy chilled in front of Shrek for an hour or so after lunch and I got on with some scrapbooking projects, after being very inspired (and released of some money!) at Sugar and Spice yesterday. I'm working on a BIG project at the moment, very exciting, but also have a few birthday and celebration bits I want to do over the summer. 

So, I made some quick mini albums using just one piece of cardstock:


this is it opened out...ready for inserts, photos and journalling.

This is it closed and ribboned up...guess who it's for?? bet ya can't!

This is another style of mini album using 12 x 12 cardstock but with specially made covers...

I'm also working on a belated anniversary gift for Andy's grandparents which is going to take a bit more research and collection work, but that will have to wait now until after Falcon Afloat which starts a week today!

So it's been a fun weekend and a restful if busy Sunday...Roll on the last week of term!

Couple more pics of our fun at Barleylands...

Wednesday, 14 July 2010


work wise, these last few weeks have been incredibly busy. Busy of the 'being out all the time' kind, but also busy in the 'piles of admin and to do lists' kind.

It's countdown now til our Falcon Camp starts next Saturday and we welcome 24 10-13 year olds on board a converted light vessel in The River Blackwater in Essex...please pray for us!

Lots happening too in the ordination journey for Andy with various forms having been submitted and meetings being arranged. Andy is making the most of this summer and taking the time to visit various clergy people he has got to know, mainly through my job, and getting a sense of what they do and how priesthood works in different communities.

I'm thinking too, at the moment, about my cousin Sarah who married Ian last weekend. Sarah is my birthday twin as well as my cousin, being exactly one year younger than me and born on 6th May 1979. The pictures haven't been officially shared yet but my aunt sent a few previews through and she looked beautiful and so happy! Congratulations cousin!

Where has this year gone...only a few short days til the end of the summer term and then Andy has 5 weeks of holiday stretching before him! Holidays where I will work him hard (!) but where we also get to spend lots of time together as a family and with other precious people.

I'm getting excited about my trip to Knoxville in September - for 6/7 days with Emily and Jack and new baby girl King.
I am looking forward to the time away, making new memories at a time which should have seen me nearing the end of my twin pregnancy or even already being a mummy again. I realise, when I think about all that has happened this year so far, that actually this has been a year to take stock and reflect. This time last year, so much was different and although we have experienced great pain and heartache in 2010, we wouldn't be the same now if it wasn't for that. Doesn't make it easy, but we're beginning to see the loss as part of the process of refining and faith development.

Please pray for our Falcon Afloat holiday starting 24th July!

Monday, 5 July 2010

stream of conciousness...

I have had a day of retreat today - after a very busy weekend at Bradwell Pilgrimage.

Days off such as this are rare - I usually take a Friday so I can have the time with M and if I happen to be off over the weekend, I find Friday gets me ready to have family time and make the most of it - you know, do the chores, schedule appointments for her, get shopping in etc etc. The system slightly fails when I work over a weekend cos I often have bits outstanding in terms of preparation and so Friday days off get a bit lost in lists and jobs to be done.
So, knowing the Saturday of this weekend would be crazy as would the week of preparation leading up to it, I scheduled today as a day off/time in lieu.

I've baked Apple and Banana fair cakes and a Coconut and Raising tray bake. baking is one of my best abiding activities.
Naps are of God and naps where you can wake up gradually without rush are of the highest order and I believe will be present in Heaven!
I've read more of my book 'When will there be Good News?' by Kate Atkinson.
I have not done any washing cos we've got our gazebo up in the garden and it's too small to accommodate both the washing line and the gazebo.
I feel I'm recovering from church yesterday...
I'm sad we couldn't go to The Order of Mission Southern Gathering on Friday and Saturday - and taken with the realisation that we feel connected to this group of people despite only knowing 3 or 4 of them in any depth.
Andy and I went for dinner with the Baggies last night which was funny and poignant and not done often enough. We talked life shapes a lot and laughed about how weird some of that language is when you are uninitiated "how is your semi circle?" - "how is the up in and out in your men's ministry?" !!
God seems to be prompting me to think about strategy for mission in my church context - not surprising but definitely more prompting today and over the weekend than for a while.
The sunshine makes my skin burn but I love the fact that my freckles are popping out all over the place.
The Forsyte Saga is one of my favourite drama programmes of all time.
I'm a bit disappointed that there weren't many pictures of me at the Bradwell Pilgrimage over the weekend - but I think it was because I didn't stand still for long.
Our Falcon Camp at the end of this month is nearly full.
My mum is amazing and I love her flexibility and the way she just mucks in with our crazy life and loves us for it.
Andy is now referred on to the DDO - having been through vetting by our Vicar and the Deanery Vocations Adviser. We have a joint meeting in a couple of weeks which is an interesting and scary prospect.
I enjoy days on my own more and more as I get older and also since the miscarriage - which is a good thing but I don't get much opportunity for it in my normal life.
July is set to be crazy busy - lots to do and lots in my brain at the I haven't left the house today and have only been on Facebook (before posting this!) to share my recipes.
I'm getting into wearing leggings and jogging bottoms in public, indicating I think that I have accepted my large bottom for the time being - sigh...
Matilda was in a great mood this morning - and told me she didn't need to brush her teeth here cos her childminder had a dragon toothbrush at her!
I love my husband at the moment in a way which is awe inspiring - his journey is so life changing and potentially radical and I admire him immensely. M is also great great company and wonderful in the way she accepts God at work in her life. Watching her play in the sand and paint a worship picture at the Pilgrimage was such a blessing and I feel hugely admiring of her simplicity and her simple love for everything that crosses her path.
Stream over - some semblance of order will be returned soon...