Wednesday, 14 July 2010


work wise, these last few weeks have been incredibly busy. Busy of the 'being out all the time' kind, but also busy in the 'piles of admin and to do lists' kind.

It's countdown now til our Falcon Camp starts next Saturday and we welcome 24 10-13 year olds on board a converted light vessel in The River Blackwater in Essex...please pray for us!

Lots happening too in the ordination journey for Andy with various forms having been submitted and meetings being arranged. Andy is making the most of this summer and taking the time to visit various clergy people he has got to know, mainly through my job, and getting a sense of what they do and how priesthood works in different communities.

I'm thinking too, at the moment, about my cousin Sarah who married Ian last weekend. Sarah is my birthday twin as well as my cousin, being exactly one year younger than me and born on 6th May 1979. The pictures haven't been officially shared yet but my aunt sent a few previews through and she looked beautiful and so happy! Congratulations cousin!

Where has this year gone...only a few short days til the end of the summer term and then Andy has 5 weeks of holiday stretching before him! Holidays where I will work him hard (!) but where we also get to spend lots of time together as a family and with other precious people.

I'm getting excited about my trip to Knoxville in September - for 6/7 days with Emily and Jack and new baby girl King.
I am looking forward to the time away, making new memories at a time which should have seen me nearing the end of my twin pregnancy or even already being a mummy again. I realise, when I think about all that has happened this year so far, that actually this has been a year to take stock and reflect. This time last year, so much was different and although we have experienced great pain and heartache in 2010, we wouldn't be the same now if it wasn't for that. Doesn't make it easy, but we're beginning to see the loss as part of the process of refining and faith development.

Please pray for our Falcon Afloat holiday starting 24th July!

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