Friday, 27 August 2010

stream of conciousness...

taking a break from getting ready, packed and sorted to go away. We're off away this weekend visiting my parents for my dad's 60th, seeing my baby nephew who was born on Tuesday and catching up with other family and friends. I'm very much looking forward to it!! Chomping at the bit in fact.
Andy is playing the guitar in prep for a Street Pastors day tomorrow where he's leading worship.
Matilda and I both had our hair cut today - I'm a bit shorter (again!) and M has a new neat bob just under ears. She looks grown up and cute.
I love scrap-booking and baking and I got to do both today and I feel great! I finished the album I've been working on (watch this space for a post including all the layouts!)
I'm looking forward to the routine coming back next week with work and life separated as they should be. It's been difficult working at home more through August as I felt I never gave my all to work or Matilda. But I seem to have got done what I needed to and we've had some great family time at Great Notley, Barleylands, baking, singing, doing craft, watching films, gardening and having silly times!
Toy Story was great - M loved it and danced at the front of the cinema during the out-takes!
I'm privileged to be leading an away day on Wednesday for Restored which is Tearfund's project campaigning against domestic abuse.
In 4 weeks I'll be in Tennessee with Emily and Jack - oh yes!
I didn't even realise X Factor had started again - frankly I'm waiting for Strictly...
That'll do for now, enjoy the Bank Holiday and thanks for stopping by!

the final layouts

For the last few weeks, my non-work and non-childcare time has been taken up with completing a very special album.

My darling Daddy turns 60 on Tuesday and he has been quite certain that he didn't want any sort of fuss. Over the last few months, my sister and I ummed and aaahhhed about what we could do to mark it for him without the traditional party. When we were kids he would retreat to the loft during our birthday parties and I remember once my mum pulling off a surprise party (his 40th I think) but other than that, parties aren't really his thing.

The story of this album begins about 9 months ago when my Grandma presented my dad with a slip in album of photos of their family - Treadwell side (Grandma's maiden name) and Hodson side (my family name). As I've got into scrapbooking, I've realised that alongside the creative, beautiful and design side of the hobby is the very practical need to preserve photos and mementos of the past for future generations.
So I hatched the idea of putting together an album of beautiful layouts, presenting the photos that Grandma had already collated for me in an order and a style suitable for future children, grandchildren and great grandchildren.

And this afternoon, I finally finished it!! I'll be giving it to Pops (as we affectionately call him) on Sunday so I've scheduled this post to go out later that day so no-one gets a sneak peek before him!

Title/Intro page
Starting with the Treadwell side (my paternal Grandmother's side)

My Grandma in her childhood as an evacuee and with her sisters and family
Onto the Hodsons, my paternal Grandfather's side

My Grandfather in his childhood
Grandma and Grandad in their single days and wedding day
My dad in his baby and childhood days
My dad and his late brother
My paternal great-grandparents Ruby Wedding and my grandparents Ruby Wedding
Some more recent pictures of Grandma and Grandad with my dad and at their Diamond wedding
I think this is my favourite layout...I love this picture of my dad sailing and my journalling for this page is below
Hodsons, Smiths and Lanes at my mum's 60th in June

As my first full album, I'm pretty pleased with how it turned out. I enjoyed the space and creative juices and it was good to have the photos chosen and the theme in place. I learnt a lot of techniques, trial and error but no major mistakes or errors! Nothing was thrown away apart from the usual scraps!

So, hope he likes it! I'll post photos of the weekend next week!! Thanks for stopping by.

Thursday, 26 August 2010

Scrapbooks etc. - October 2009 - Page 78-79

Some great tips on thrifty scrapbooking here...
I've nearly done the special album that I've been working on for the past few weeks. It's a fairly traditional album of heritage photos so no major flourishes or experimental styles.
But I'm looking forward to getting back to that soon and this is great inspiration!

Scrapbooks etc. - October 2009 - Page 78-79

Geocaching � In My Own Way

My brother in law, Ian, has got into geocaching over the summer holidays with our niece Ellie.

He does a great explanation here of what it's all about and shows how easy it is to give it a go! Especially if you have an iPhone and an enthusiastic 8 year old!!

Geocaching � In My Own Way

Monday, 23 August 2010

Mouthfuls Of Heaven: Lemon Syrup Loaf Cake

Looking online for the recipe for a cake instead of rooting through my books, I found this review of the exact same cake I was planning to make.

Mouthfuls Of Heaven: Lemon Syrup Loaf Cake

The extra addition I'd make to the instructions/recipe is to always use real butter...sometimes I bake with Stork and you can get away with it, but you really can't with this!


910 � The Ongoing Adventures of ASBO Jesus

Genius! although sad and challenging below

910 � The Ongoing Adventures of ASBO Jesus

Great Notley fun and photos...

Chilling out in the sun...

Building the kite (99p!)

It did fly, eventually!


These kids just love each other so much...

Sunday, 22 August 2010

Great Notley and the Flitch Way - Country Parks

Spent the afternoon at Great Notley this afternoon with our great friends 'The Baguettes' and their children, who are our godchildren.
It's a fantastic place - space, amazing high ropes and toddler climbing areas as well as sand pits and lovely walks.
We also took 2 kites, which are as controversial as flat packs in any marriage -let me tell you!

I'll post some pictures tomorrow when I'm less tired, but I'm pretty pleased with some of the arty shots I took today and hope they'll form the basis for another scrapping project I have in mind!!

Great Notley and the Flitch Way - Country Parks

Write. Click. Scrapbook.

I've been doing a whole heap of scrapbooking recently for a very special project which I can't quite share - yet!
I'm also gearing up for a few smaller projects for birthday and the anticipated birth of my new niece or nephew very soon!!

So I loved this post I read recently about time saving ways to scrapbook and best of all, it's part of a series on Easy Summer Scrapbooking so hope you find some inspiration!

Write. Click. Scrapbook.

Saturday, 21 August 2010

Dorothy the Dinosaur

Note: this will mean nothing to you if you haven't ever watched the Wiggles.
If you haven't ever watched the Wiggles, you should probably think yourself lucky!

This is Dorothy (Matilda) the Dinosaur - see her roar!....

and then have a bit of a rest!! with the iPhone!