Monday, 3 October 2011

39 weeks plus 5 days...

Still here and still waiting...feeling increasingly uncomfortable really with achy legs and needing the loo ALL THE TIME. But I'm not yet at my due date so can't complain!
Pregnancy is such a strange time when all the usual ways that you would read your body just go down the pan - some of the aches and pains and other weird things I have had going on recently would usually have had me super worried, downing pain relief and potentially seeing the doctors...but somehow that doesn't seem as necessary with pregnancy. You can blame pregnancy for lots of these symptoms, but also explain them away and it's amazing how resilient you become when otherwise I might have moaned and groaned (more than normal!) I am being a bit more grumpy that usual, slower moving definitely and getting to be tired from around 5pm onwards, regardless of how much sleep I've had the night before or during the day. It's all good practice!

If you are connected to me on Facebook, you might have noticed that we've had some name dilemmas...our initial shortlist of 3 was pretty set for a good few months and then we had a random, middle of the night conversation when all of the previous names were ditched and we started from scratch again, ending up with an even longer shortlist of 6!! We're down to 3 again now but I'm so uncertain of any of them - I just don't feel the love like I did with Matilda Grace in terms of loving the name. Hoping that Baby Squid will be obviously one name or the other on arrival!
Our new church here in Billericay threw me a baby shower last Friday which was really lovely - a chance to meet some more people and get to know others better. The evening began with drinks and some fellowship and sharing stories which was lovely - a wide age range was represented with some women there who have had 4 or 5 children who are now very much grown ups and we also had some children of the women present who heard those natural stories of relationships, love, marriage, pregnancy, babies and all that which is so much more real than what they'd get in school or with their peers. The group then prayed for me and for the safe deliver of baby and for all the arrangements with M to go to plan and for us to settle into life as a family of 4. And we followed up with yummy desserts which everyone had brought to share. A night to remember and wonderful to share the story of our marriage and miracle pregnancies with our new church family who are so excited for the new arrival in their midst!
So, we're excited to meet baby Squid anytime soon...will keep you posted!

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