Saturday, 28 April 2012

10 years and Tuddenham Mill

10 years - wow! How they have flown by! We were so young!

7 houses, 2 children, countless cars, many laughs, meals and tears. 10 fantastically fun years with my best friend...I feel very blessed to be able to live with him, have children with him and enjoy life together.
We had our anniversary night away last week, a bit of quality time just the two of us. Much appreciated and much needed. It was great to reflect back on all that has been - it's been quite a journey - and to give thanks for everything we've been through cos it's made us who we are today.
We enjoyed a fantastic meal at the Tuddenham Mill restaurant, cooked for us by Paul Foster who is currently featuring on the Great British Menu on BBC 1.
So, now for the next 10 years...who knows where that will take us but we're up for it! Better together!

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