Friday, 27 April 2012

Friday Mums

A rather impromptu conversation at the school gates with a school mum friend who I met through work (you following?!) has led to a rather exciting new Bible/prayer/discussion group meeting each week. I met Lisa through a training course I led a couple of years ago and it's been lovely to have her round the corner and her kids at the same school since we moved here. Obviously, she's known a lot of the mums at the school gate for a few years now as she has children in the older classes and many of them know of her infectious faith and her connection with the local church next to our house.
Anyway, a text message Lisa received from one of her friends asking for prayer led to a suggestion that meeting to pray, talk, ask questions and learn more about God would be a good idea that was greeted with massive enthusiasm! We started last Friday, just 90 minutes before the school pick up and there were 12 women there! There are 4 or 5 of us who are connected to a local church, all different ones too which is brilliant! But many of the others in the group are not sure what they believe or are being asked questions by their kids which they can't, as yet, answer. Such a variety of journeys and stories...
In that first week, we talked about whether we would call ourselves Christians, shared a bit of our stories and agreed that we would start reading Mark's Gospel and discussing things that came up as well as praying for one another.
It's really very exciting - God is already working and I get to join in. Such a privilege to get beyond the superficial conversations at the school gate that are so fleeting and be able to really deepen our relationships with one another. It's confirmation again for me that our move here was not random or last minute but that God knew what He was doing.
Please pray for us!

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