Monday, 12 November 2012

repeated pattern...

I was admitted to hospital last Thursday - initially for suspected appendicitis but once tests and scans had been done, it looks as though I am back on the trail of the ever elusive cure/relief/treatment for endometriosis that has plagued me since my early teens.
So I'm currently on sick leave, drugged up with pain relief and waiting for a consultant appointment at the hospital for some more indepth investigations. Hopefully out of that, a plan will emerge of how this might all be managed. It'll be very different to the treatment I had before my pregnancy with Matilda - then it was all about keeping me sane in the pain whilst not affecting my long term fertility. A little different now we have 2 little-ish people in our lives. But it's frustrating and depressing none the less, to be back in this place.
There are many blessings to have come from last week's events - which were very frightening and worrying indeed. Mostly I am just so grateful for Andy - for his faithfulness, love and care for me and for rushing back from France (where he was away with St Mellitus vicar factory) in superman style. It was such a relief to have him by my side as the Doctor rushed me to hospital. It also appears to be a blessing that Basildon hospital was full on Thursday morning and I ended up at Queen's in Romford as Queen's is a specialist centre for the treatment of endo and things have moved on quite a bit since my last surgery in 2005.
Can't promise that my blogging rate will improve a great deal - but this week might see a flurry of posts as I have a bit more time to myself in recuperating at home!

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