Tuesday, 12 March 2013

3 years ago...

...I was pregnant with twins and on 18th March 2010, they were taken from us.
We're coming up again to that anniversary which is always a time of reflection and sadness on what could have been, particularly acknowledging the craziness that toddlers and preschoolers create! There is also huge thankfulness for what we have been through and the way it has shaped us and strengthened us.
Within all that, we are overwhelmed by the blessing of Isaac to us particularly but our family as a whole is a fruitful and joyful place, something which we couldn't imagine 3 years ago in the midst of our grief and disappointment.

I wrote about it all at the time here, just over a month after I'd been in hospital.

Easter has huge significance for us - which it should obviously! - but 3 years ago, as we journeyed to the cross there was something new and revelatory going on where we understood a little more, albeit it dimly, of the pain, sadness and grief Abba Father was choosing to go through, for us.

Last year, the anniversary fell on Mother's Day which was especially hard.
This year, I shall have a quiet day at home, doing some work, preparing dinner for my family and knowing that my Ginger Twins will never leave our memories.

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