Wednesday, 22 May 2013

An unusual working day...

I've just completed a very unusual working day for me. I have sat in one room, from the moment I started work at 9.15am this morning through til 4pm when I left to pick up Isaac. Within that, I have had a couple of trips to the loo, a walk to the kitchen to fill up the kettle and a wander outside for 10minutes while I ate my sandwich. But other than that, I have worked on one project for the majority of the day and it feels very, very odd.
Tomorrow I'm spending the day with my colleagues Rachel and Andy. We schedule in an Away Day once a term, to give some focus to our tasks and to tackle bigger projects more strategically with more prayer and with more time. Tomorrow is an extra as we're doing some comparative review work on our roles to enable us to make sense of how Youth Advisers work in this Diocese. The new Transforming Presence agenda of strategic priorities for our Diocese has initiated this work as well as some succession planning, but that's not really the point of this post. 
I knew that putting my work - projects, networks, responsibilities, youth workers, churches, programmes, relationships - into an easily usuable format was bound to be a tricky task. But it has taken me a lot longer and been more arduous than I expected. But I have enjoyed it...
My usual day is most likely to contain 3 or 4 different events; meetings, 1:1 sessions, desk time, car journeys, phone conversations, visits to parishes or projects, research, email catch up etc. I enjoy the variety and flexibility that my job brings and allows, but I almost always feel that I never have the time to do anything in as full a way as I would like. Carving out today for just one task was such a new experience and in many ways I enjoyed the focus it brought. I didn't have to watch the clock as much and I was able to listen to music and some podcasts to help me think a bit too. 
As an ESFJ working in isolation is not my preference. But I have learnt that there is something very necessary in deliberately 
working in your shadow self. Andy was encouraged to do it when he was going through the discernment journey 
before ordination selection. He's an ENTP. As Extroverts, spending time alone is not our preference - which doesn't mean that 
it doesn't do us good or get the best out of us. It's just a little harder but in small doses, very enjoyable and productive. 
So, what is God saying through today? I know that I need to invest more time in reading, reflecting and 
researching, making space to do my work as well as possible within the boundaries of family, church, marriage 
etc.  I also need to acknowledge that my workload at present is unsustainable - God spoke very powerfully to me, 
just as I was sitting listening to some worship music, about how much I worry and that I don't need to. 
Simple eh? 
It's good to be home, with a clear evening ahead. Andy is at a stag do and I shall have some time out from 
structured work and get an early night too. 

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