Thursday, 9 May 2013


We're living amongst Andy's end of year 2 deadlines for his course at St Mellitus. He handed in some essays last week, will hand in another 2 assignments this afternoon and final deadline is Monday 20th May. 
Anyone who has been with me the last two weeks will know that I find it really hard to separate myself from Andy's deadlines and just let him get on with it. I'm not really sure why - part of it is my personality type to be the organiser of the home and making it all tick and something like study is not like 'work' with an end point, there is always more to do. Part of it is that he doesn't study the way I do - pressing deadlines are always a motivator for me and I can't switch off the nagging feeling of something needing to be finished. Andy also works best under pressure but needs more people contact and opportunity to externally process when he's studying than I do. I think the task focused part of me wants him to just write the blooming thing and get it done but I also know that he writes better when he's worked through some of his arguments and thoughts with other people. 
So it's been a bit of a stressful and tricky time  these last few weeks. Within it all, I've been very much aware of how different things were a few months ago when Andy was finding every aspect of his training incredibly difficult. The fact that he is soon to hand in all year 2 work, on time and will secure a foundation degree (all being well) is an incredible testament to his determination and focus and I am very proud of him. 
2 years down, 1 year to go... this time next year, like some of Andy's colleagues at the moment, we will be preparing to move on from Billericay and go to wherever God has called us for a curacy placement. It's crazy how quickly the time is flying and our biggest prayer is for wisdom in decisions we will have to make and for peace in our family. Pray with us...
It was my birthday this week and Andy took a break from his studies to make me this yummy cake! X love him! 

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