Monday, 1 July 2013


1st July - end of Andy's academic year and the beginning of my busiest months; July through to December. In the midst of youth events, essay writing, kids and school busyness and summer plans we are also waiting for some indication of where we might be going for a curacy from June 2014. The Petertide ordinations this weekend marked the beginning of a countdown towards Andy's ordination this time next year. Scary thought...
Some things we know: we'll have a 7 year old and a 2 year old. Our car will be almost dead. I'll be 36 and Andy will be 33. He will probably be a lot thinner as his triathlon and long distance cycling training continues. I will probably be fatter cos I will have baked too much!! We will have 2 more nephews or nieces (or one of each!) We know we'll be sad to leave but excited for the future. We hope to be permanent members of TOM. We know that God is with us. 
Other than that: it's all feeling very unknown. In a meeting the other week, my comment that we get to choose anything about this next stage was laughed at. It's hard not to feel as though we're a bit of a pawn in a big chess game. 
So we watch the post, check emails, try not to speculate, attempt to be open and gracious and expectant. Not feeling very convinced at present! 

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