Saturday, 31 January 2015

The Sofa, the Toaster and the Saucepans....

The erratic posting continues - work, family, church and general tiredness defeat me when it comes to regular blogging.

However, in a coaching session last week with the wonderful Johnny Douglas I was reflecting on the changes of these past few months. At Johnny and his wife Julie's suggestion, we've recently had our sofa and armchair, a gift from Andy's parents and my grandparents for our first home 13 years ago, reupholstered, rebuilt, restuffed and returned to our new home.

Our previous sofa - purple corduroy, saggy, worn, ripped in places and with evidence of every stage of our children's lives stuck on the fabric - has been in 4 houses and 2 storage units in that 13 years and had done well to survive this long considering.

It was a big deal, sending it away in a van to Shadrack and Wallace - and amazingly it was returned within 2 days looking as good as new, just a different, and possibly slightly more grown up colour. We're awaiting the completion of our bespoke cushions, offering a burst of colour and some pattern, tying in with some lovely prints Andy bought me last Christmas which now adorn our expanse of white walls.

Since we moved to this house, the 2 other items which stem from the beginning of 'us' have also been recycled or repurposed or just had to go.

Our pan set, bought by Andy's grandparents from our wedding list, had also done it's time. Years and years of use, many meals cooked, many guests fed as well as our growing family, many times through the sink and dishwasher;  now replaced by a lovely anodised glass lidded set. It's lovely....! (Thank to mother and father in law for clicking the link and bringing to us all wrapped up at Christmas!)

And our toaster - a birthday gift in May 2001, the weekend I introduced my parents to Andy, before they knew we had plans to marry. Now replaced by a 4 slice, copper coloured toaster which, rather excitingly matches the kettle!

I'm not sure why this all feels so significant, but Johnny reflected 'there's a blog post in that' when I told him - so here it is! Our life is moving on in new ways and as we settle in this new home, church, community and clergy family life, there is something more grown up about how we're needing to think about our space, our potential future homes and the quality of what we buy, ethically, environmentally, practically.

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